Why You Should Consider Having A Mentor [Infographic]

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A relationship with a mentor is an invaluable asset in a career.

We often see mentors as experienced professionals who can increase self-confidence and help with leadership development. But a mentor’s influence goes far beyond knowledge and experience.

A wise mentor will shift your mindset from fear to growth, and push you to maximise your potential. Whether they’re helping you translate theory into practice, supporting you to expand your network and build positive relations, advising on how to navigate company politics…your mentor will always be there to encourage you to take action.

Simply put: there are no downsides to mentoring.

For organisations, mentoring motivates and engages top-talent employees. It sends a strong signal that the company is engaged in their employees’ professional and personal development.

A mentor can give you much more than sound advice. Acting as an honest sounding board, their advice can extend to life advice as well as supporting you during hard times.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should consider having a mentor.

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