Why you need to be born again to make your calling a reality

Part 1: Meeting your Authentic Self

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A reflection on the inner journey to greet the “you” who’s ready to embrace your calling.

Last week, the city of London saw its first 3 days of “early Summer”. (It’s important to mention it, because summer tends to be elusive in those lands)

Everywhere, businessmen having alfresco lunches. Sophisticated Ladies, shopping bags in both hands.

I looked at myself in a shop window. No new colourful dress or shiny pair of high heels in my hand.

I smiled.

I let go of binge shopping a while ago. I stopped the frenetic accumulation of belongings to heat up my empty spaces. Since, I came to terms with my ego and revisited my beliefs, too.

They person I am today doesn’t need to wrap herself in those extra-layers any more.

Welcome your difference: it’s telling you something

For a long time, I used my ample income to buy the things that would distract me from a little “discomfort”.

You know, the impression that your current life, carefully crafted to claim success from a financial, social or career perspective, is one version of the story only. The intuition that there’s something bigger for you. And the certitude that everyone thinks you’re an eccentric.

Years and years down the line, it was no discomfort anymore. It ached. And not knowing what was going on scared me to the bone.

You look at others. You wonder if they have that pain, too. Or if they’re THAT strong and got over it years ago.

You question the person you are. You wonder if you could be the one with “a problem”.

No, you’re not.

  • Being frustrated of working every day on something that does not feel either good, or bad.
  • Thinking you’re wasting your time and could do much better.
  • Feeling that your life is a succession of movie scenes where someone else has the first role.

Do you think this is what eats up your sense of purpose?

Hell no.

If it hurts, it’s because someone bigger is growing inside you. The piece of you ready to embrace your calling.

And she’s shouting you loud because it’s time to set her free.

Giving birth to a new individual is a painful process

Mine was no different.

My journey started with opening a notebook. For the first time, I surrendered. I hurled my fears and frustrations on paper. And then, day after day, I wrote the advice I’d give myself — if only I was emotionally ready to action on it.

My left hand was writing. And for a while the pain was gone.

Instead, awareness exploded in my face.

My higher self was by my side, whispering in my ear what to put down on paper.

That person had been calling me for years, asking for permission to go out and meet the world.

And the minute I let her speak, her words where those I’d tell other fellow business owners later on.

She knew how to mix knowledge & experience with my will to give, nurtured through my spiritual practice.

She’s the coach acting as personal change manager for women entrepreneurs. She’s the one to relieve the pain of not having the confidence to land a small business on a place of success.

Hugging you authentic self

Can you hear your inner self calling you, too? Do you know who she is?

She’s a part of yourself who can accomplish your destiny. If you’re a believer, she’s the person God chose for to fulfil the mission he has for you.

That person is your authentic self.

She knows well why you’re here for. She knows you best than your partner. She knows how to make job and life a single unity where one feeds the other. Because she’s the one ready to welcome your calling.

A calling is the accumulation of a person’s life’s experiences, skills, and passions — all put to work. (Jeff Goins)

[You can read the original article here]

And that person is ready to take action to make it happen.

Because she’s the entrepreneur you’re going to become.

See you soon for part 2! I’ll tell you what is the reality this new you lives in.

Get inspired and confident!

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Thank you for reading! Always happy to hear your thoughts: you can leave a comment below. See you next time and have a great day.

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