Why you need to be born again to make your calling a reality

Part 2: Give yourself the job you deserve

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Can you hear your inner self calling you, too? Do you know who she is?

She’s a part of yourself who can accomplish your destiny. If you’re a believer, she’s the person God chose for to fulfil the mission he has for you.

That person knows well why you’re here for. She’s your authentic self, the one ready to welcome your calling. She knows you best than your partner. She knows how to make job and life a single unity where one feeds the other.

And that person is ready to take action to make it happen.

Because she is the entrepreneur you’re going to be.

You rarely become an entrepreneur by accident

When your frustration of a life you’re not made for consumes your fear of throwing yourself in the deep end, You make a conscious choice.

Great, you’ll tell me. And then, what’s next?

When you welcome a new child in your family, you prepare a room for the baby to have a safe place to grow.

Your job is to do the same for yourself. You’ll need to grow that part of you in a reality that is big enough for what you want to achieve.

  • A reality where you can trust yourself you’re good enough.
  • A reality where “work” means creating something meaningful for you, and for the others.
  • A reality where you are confident enough to change what “being rich” means.

Embracing big changes needs you to be willing to learn your lesson

Your lecture is to become confident you have everything for the new job. It’s to want to grow yourself badly, until…

  • You rediscover curiosity, the will to experiment, fall and rise again.
  • You cultivate your confidence on new foundations.
  • You find the courage to be yourself and grow different relations.
  • You define your own measure of performance.
  • You get into a big job of expanding your comfort zone.

To feast on determination and to work harder than before takes time and resilience.

You’ll work until it hurts. And you’ll go beyond that.

Until you reach a land full of new opportunities

You’ll work hard until you reach the place where everything becomes possible. Where your future will depend on you -only- to create it. Where you’ll know, deep inside you, that you can do it.

But your old fears will travel there, too, to check on how you’re doing. They will show you the illusion of perfection. They will explain you how long you have left to “get there”. They will tell you to come back to that familiar place, the one where you could be enough already.

You’ll think of that crazy and scary path you’ve been on. And, maybe, you’ll consider that the comfort of the old times are a safe option.

But there’s nothing for you in the past world.

Because the new you can’t live out there.

The new you knows nothing else than the excitement of the path of discovery.

Where the journey to your Wealth starts

When you live in the land of opportunity, you reached the point of no return.

You stand in a place where you don’t lack money, possessions, recognition… any more. Everything you have now is good enough to move on.

“Abundance” suddenly means something to you.

People say Wealth is what’s left when all the money’s gone. They say Wealth is not a material gain, but a state of mind.

It’s true.

The price to pay to experience Wealth is to let go of all your beliefs that you can’t do it.

The unexpected gift you get from a truthful entrepreneurial journey is not turning an idea into a multi-million dollars business. Or getting an interview with Oprah.

It’s to discover and nurture the person who’s fuelled by ideas and busy with new projects. It’s to stay in the company of a you who keeps an open heart. Someone who celebrates the wins that come with moving towards the direction you set for yourself.

It’s to discover that wealth in life is to work hard on what you love, not what you like.

It’s to discover that ambition is not a status or a salary.

Ambition is to welcome what’s meaningful to you. It’s to find the best channel to transmit it to the others who need it. And then, to trust that it’s work good enough to bring money.

Finding a calling and making a business out of it is not a fancy thing for the others. Anyone can do that. You can do that.


Go back to the person who came first to this world, naked and afraid. Ask her what she’s there for. Trust her. And nurutre her growth until she can craft your ideal job out of love and passion.

Get inspired and confident!

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Thank you for reading! Always happy to hear your thoughts: you can leave a comment below. See you next time and have a great day.

Founder, Yoäg: inspiration & yoga breaks. Conscious leadership lessons learned as I grow my wellness travel business.

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