Simple ideas to make well-being at work yours

  • Move more
  • Explore your emotional well-being
  • Intellect needs to feel good, too!
  • Go social
  • Look after your environment

More movement

  • walking 15 minutes to grab your lunch
  • stretching at your desk each hour
  • taking the stairs (a few storeys are enough!)
  • walking over to the desk of a colleague, instead of opening a new chat window…

Emotional well-being at work

The intellectual side of well-being at work

Go social!

Protecting the environment

  • Recycle draft paper (I never use notepads, when a paper has to be trashed I keep it and write on the back of the page)
  • Energy savings (light, air con, screensavers…)
  • Ever thought of using the company to bring awareness to an environmental cause and organise a charity day?
  • Adopting a plant to detox your workplace? (For fun, here are the main office toxins: carbon monoxide, pesticides, trichloroethylene. There are at least 10 more… And we’ve not covered bacteria yet!)



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Coralie SAWRUK

Coralie SAWRUK


Founder, Yoäg: inspiration & yoga breaks. Conscious leadership lessons learned as I grow my wellness travel business.