How To Change Your Mindset (Lessons From An Energy Drink)

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Do you find it easy to change your mindset about something?

Over the past few months, I’ve written a lot about how to navigate change and embrace disruption, be authentic and craft a personal development plan.

And I have to admit that, up until recently, I thought I was doing OK with my growth mindset. I cultivate curiosity. I make a conscious effort to look for opportunities. I learn as I fail. I turn obstacles into positives.

But, a few weeks ago, I learned a good life lesson from a simple bottle of energy drink.

It turns out that it takes more than good intentions to change your mindset! This is the story I’d like to share with you today.

Change your mindset — seeing the opportunity

I don’t like to feel tired or sluggish. And as a fervent yogini, I believe the best way to maintain your energy levels is to lead a healthy lifestyle, by eating well, exercising, playing to relax and sleeping enough.

Energy drinks? A chemical quick fix — so not my cup of (herbal) tea.

I never really had an opportunity to change my mind about it. But earlier this year, the lovely guys at Flyte asked if I’d like to try their energy drinks. Flyte drinks are 100% natural, sourced from organic coffee, and environmentally friendly (plastic-free packaging, non GMOs and carbon positive). This aligns well with my own values, so I said yes (mostly out of curiosity).

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Change your mindset — being open to the experience

In early March (right when the UK was frozen by snow for a week), I found myself unable to sleep. Worse, the following was packed with meetings!

Being sleepy was just not an option. I remembered about the energy drinks I received from Flyte and decided to give them a try (instead of going on a coffee drip for the day).

At first, I was a little worried about what a mix of coffee and fruitwould taste like, but it certainly did not have an artificial flavour. It tasted like a fizzy fruit drink, and I even liked the peppery taste. By mid-morning, I caught myself thinking, “you’re getting on pretty well with your day”. I could remain focused. I was energised without being overly excited or agitated. I was expecting a rush of energy and then to feel tired because of the caffeine crash, but the strength was consistent and lasting.

Boy — exactly what I needed! And not from any of my usual sources of fuel. A couple of years ago, an energy drink may have been fake and full of chemicals. But the world has changed! Today, natural alternatives, that don’t disturb your body balance, do exist.

A few days later, this experience got me thinking. How often do I let a set of assumptions or preconceived beliefs drive me away from new experiences? And what have I learned about how to change your mindset?

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Two questions to change your mindset as a leader

When you think about how we work globally, interact with our teams and clients, and seek validation to lead with confidence, flexibility is a must. You need to be open to changing your mindset; what was true yesterday has changed already. You need to invite different cultural perspectives. You need to accept new ideas and ways of doing. Sometimes, you rethink the way you lead in the most unexpected way!

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But, all too often, you start the journey with your own assumptions.

So next time something new knocks at your door — a new method of doing something, a new product, a new idea from your team member, a new ice cream flavour — ask yourself:

Are you afraid of taking a risk?

What is the belief you’re using to rationalise? What could be possible if you set your default patterns aside?

Are you ready to take a chance to do things differently?

Are you ready to pause and create a discernment gap, observe your default pattern, and change your mindset? If not, what would you miss?

As JFK said, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. Since this episode, I’ve been paying more attention to my own patterns. I try to be open to more ideas. I listen more. I embrace a growth mindset, as it will make me a better leader.

And, from time to time, I drink energy drinks!

Did you recently change your mindset about something? Tell us your story in the comments!

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