Can you find the courage to hug Success when it greets you?

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Can you find the courage to hug Success when it greets you?

Can you recall the time you started your Business?

The long hours and the final rush. The zillions details you never supposed would exist. The relentless time of promotion, and all the “Why the hell it doesn’t work!”

Can you remember the sweet mix of fear and excitement?

That’s exactly where I am today. And lost in the storm of what marketers call “a launch”, I almost missed something big.

The kind of mistake you’d never forgive yourself for.

I decided to pivot my current consulting business 1 year ago.

Launching small businesses is likely to be the future of employment. And I was heart broken by the stories of people who would “start the business of their dreams”, but could not get it to last until year 2. And I knew I could help.

I could empower them to create the powerful habits that can drive a Business to Wealth.

That was my first step.

The second was to execute my life plan.

“Build the job of your dreams, so that you’ll never feel you need to retire. And work from anywhere in the world a few days a month”.

But you see, getting everything ready on time was a bigger job than I expected. And until few days ago, I could barely remember why I do what I do.

I was all tired, stressed, ecstatic and depressed at the same time.

Worse than that, I was disconnected from my intention.

“Keep your head down, and you’ll get a lot done. But look down for too long and you’ll lose your perspective.”

Unless, in the meantime, the scenery has changed for the better…

And that’s what happened to me.

Last week, I had a long planned family trip to South of France. Of course, I was tempted to cancel because “I had so much to finish” and “Nothing will be ready on time” and “[insert your favourite one here]

But I needed a break.

I considered carefully how many days I’d “lose”. I felt guilty about not spending nights building my e-mail list just 2 weeks before “the launch”. And once I had enough of self-depreciation, I jumped on the plane.

On the first evening, after a long warm and sunny day, I was sitting outside with a glass of rose wine, attending to business emails and answering questions from the entrepreneur’s community I belong to.

One of the kids came around and asked me “Are you watching Youtube videos”?

I lifted my head, and looked at the 17th century farm house, the lily pond and just beyond the olive trees orchard.

It smelled lilac everywhere.

I sighed and I answered “No dear, I’m working”

As the words slipped out of my mouth, I had an awakening.

I am working.

I am doing business, right there.

In that beautiful place.

I’ve arrived. work from anywhere in the world.

The feeling of satisfaction and happiness I experienced was worth the painful past months.

I could have spent the week-end thinking of what was left to do. Telling myself -again and again — that I was late. Or worry about finding the time to write this first Medium post. Or beat myself up for “taking some time off”.

I could have stayed at home to think of “what to do if it does not work and if people don’t like me and if I can’t build a decent audience by the end of the year”.

I could have kept focus on all those things that might happen. All those things that don’t belong to my reality now.

And miss completely that today, I’m already living part of a life that I used to call “a dream”.

Many people are so busy “trying to achieve” that they don’t take the time to notice when their their dearest achievement comes to greet them.

Even more as an Entrepreneur, where fear of losing customers or being ignored in a sea of competition drives you to work more and more every single day.

But if you need to remember one thing about a successful Business Life, stick to that one:

Your goals will help you to get traction. But taking the time for reflection is what will fire up your motivation.

So next time you’re on a rush, pause. Observe the challenges you face and respond to them. But smell the flowers and enjoy the journey anyway.

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If you treat difficulty with humility, it will teach you the wisdom of tracing your own path.

So bless the long work hours where no one’s watching, the frustration and how it shapes the leader you’re evolving into.

Bless the difficult path that gives you the maturity to find depth and meaning into what you do.

Bless the exact moment where the magic of fulfilment happens. Where you connect to what you’ll share with the rest of the world.

In a digital and super communication era, stories take over.

So Bless what whispers the story you’ll tell to inspire others.

Get the inspiration to see your Business journey under a different light

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Thank you for reading! Always happy to hear your thoughts: you can leave a comment below. See you next time and have a great day.

Founder, Yoäg: inspiration & yoga breaks. Conscious leadership lessons learned as I grow my wellness travel business.

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