Boosting Creativity: 13 Hobbies To Try Now [Infographic]

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Do you consider yourself a creative person?

It seems that boosting creativity is something you should worry about. The World Economic Forum recently ranked creativity #3 for the skills an employee needs in order to perform in 2020.

Sadly, many people think they’re not creative. Recent interviews of 5,000 adults across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan by Adobe revealed that only 1 in 4 people believe they are living up to their own creative potential.

Creativity sounds intimidating, as it is often associated with artistic activities. But you can be creative in your day to day! Boosting creativity is not difficult. You can start with simple ways to enhance your curiosity. You can come up with fresh approaches to solving problems. Or you can promote innovative thinking and embrace risk taking.

So what’s the trick, then? A creative mind can shift between divergent thinking (exploring many options) and convergent thinking (being systematic and logical).

If creative people can do so, it’s because they build their whole brain by stimulating both the right and left sides. The right hemisphere of the brain is usually stimulated by activities based on imagination and curiosity. And when it comes to the left hemisphere, analytical thinking, deduction and language come into play.

Boosting your creativity is as simple as trying new habits that can help you balance the way your brain works. Check out these 13 hobbies to try now to boost your creativity!

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How do you cultivate your creativity? Tell us in the comments below!


Main hobbies —

Balance left and right brain —

Change your routine

Meditation —

Daydreaming —

Journaling —

Doodling —

Solitude —

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