Achieve Your Development Goals For Good (The Formula That Works)

1. Find your ‘True North’: where you are now (and where you want to go)

2. Spot your growth areas: what do you need to do to achieve your personal development goals?

  • What do other people see as your strengths?
  • What personal characteristics do you possess (e.g. self-discipline, optimism, creativity etc.)
  • Which skills do you lack or are your weakest (e.g. leadership, communication, teamwork etc.)
  • What are your negative personal characteristics (e.g. lack of discipline, indecisiveness, self-doubt etc.)

Personal Development Plan for strengths

Personal Development Plan for weaknesses

3. Craft your learning curve: How will you achieve your personal development goals?

4. Optimise your learning pattern

  • ‘on the job’ (practice doing what you want to improve)
  • ‘experience’ (coaching, mentoring, observing experts)
  • ‘training’ (e-learning or formal training)
  • ACTIVIST: concrete experience and challenge (i.e. role playing, games)
  • REFLECTOR: observation and reflection (i.e. feedback, coaching)
  • THEORIST: abstract concepts (i.e. classroom-based training)
  • PRAGMATIST: active experimentation and testing (i.e. practice, observing/ shadowing)



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Coralie SAWRUK

Coralie SAWRUK

Founder, Yoäg: inspiration & yoga breaks. Conscious leadership lessons learned as I grow my wellness travel business.